Month 4 - BBQ Advanced Package

This is your golden ticket to the saucy symphony of slow-cooked mastery.

For the BBQ warrior ready to swing their flavor sword, behold the BBQ Advanced Package! This is your golden ticket to the saucy symphony of slow-cooked mastery. The Basting Mop will have you painting on that flavor like the Picasso of pork. With the Pistol Grip Meat Injector, you'll be shooting zest into every fiber like a culinary Cupid. And when it comes to brisket, our secret-video-society will guide you to slice, dice, and serve up a feast that’ll get your taste buds doing the tango!

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Contents: BBQ Advanced Package

  • Basting Mop
  • Pistol Grip Meat Injector
  • Carving Knife
  • Big Dad’s Sweet Heat

Now that you’ve got your feet wet with low-and-slow, it’s time to learn about adding flavor to your meats, along with taking the giant leap and tackling what many consider the best BBQ in the Midwest -- brisket.  You are going to learn about mop sauces and marinades to enhance the flavor of your smoked meats.  

You are going to receive access to videos showing how you can take your BBQ to the next level by adding mop sauce to your ribs, injecting marinade into your pork butt, and how to smoke the Perfect Backyard Brisket, along with some of the best burnt ends on this side of Kansas City.

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