About Grill Shak

Strap on your aprons and fire up the grills—it's story time at Grill Shak, where BBQ is a family affair and every steak has a tale! It all started in sunny Paso Robles, California, with our legendary Uncle Harry. Not just any bar owner, Harry was the king of spice, whipping up a seasoning so good it could make a grown man cry! Every year, he'd pack up his grill and secret blend and head to Kansas to spice up the John Deere Days at our family's dealership. Imagine that: shiny new tractors and a steak so tasty you'd forget you were there to see farm equipment!

Caught up in the magic of those flavors, Big Dad turned into a spice sleuth, secretly learning the ropes from Uncle Harry. He didn't just crack the code—he turned it up a notch with his own fiery creation, the Spicy Dust! That’s how Big Dad's Seasoning was born. Talk about keeping it in the family!

Then there's Big Dad’s best bud and partner in grime, er grilling, Kevin! Their legendary steak feeds became the talk of Kansas, serving up sizzle and steaks from county fairs to K-State college events for over 20 years.

Big Dad shared the secrets and passed the tongs to his youngest son about 20 years ago, and boy, did we keep those grills busy, catering from churches to local eateries right in the heart of beef country…Western Kansas.

Life eventually tossed us to Wichita, but did we stop grilling? No sirree! We just built ourselves a Grill Shack right in the backyard—because why should snow stop the show? That's right, we grill year-round in our shack, and that’s also how we got our name!

When the rest of the fam joined the Wichita crew, we were eager to dive deeper into Big Dad’s secret BBQ vault. A few smoky brainstorming sessions later, voila! Our BBQ accessory packages were born, blending Big Dad's grilling wisdom with cool tools for the modern pitmaster.

So, pull up a chair and grab a plate at the Grill Shak, where every bite tells a story and every meal feels like home. Let's make memories one rack of ribs at a time!

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